James Winfield.

A senior front-end software engineer in London

Heading Image for James Winfield, showing AI generated software engineers in the style of Gustav Klimt


There’s nothing especially ground-breaking here, but thought I’d display a few of the projects I very occasionally work on at the weekends…some are very unfinished! But at least you can see that I know what to ask ChatGPT.

It’s in order of newly-created first, so also least finished.


Bare bones of a project using NextJS, React, Strapi and PostgreSQL - trying to do more b/e stuff! 1% complete at most...don't judge me!



Bare bones of a new project using NextJS, React, PostGres and Vercel. Like 5% complete tops so don't judge me much.



World Of Winfield. This is my personal blog, and very much a work in progress to move it over to using NextJS, GraphQL, React and Emotion Styled Components. My original site is old and doesn't really reflect my personality, hence re-building with funky tech. Also has pipeline checks.



Random Recipe Generator - a small project that I did with the graduate at work who I was mentoring. Mostly this was just to give her practice on React and Styled Components, but also I took the opportunity to practice TypeScript and use Vite - which is lush - so speedy!



James Winfield. I decided to look for a new role a while back, to see if I could improve upon M&S (I didn't). I realised my old portfolio was OLD and ugly, so this is a headless WordPress site, using NextJS, GraphQL and React. Oh and Tailwind for the CSS...not sure I'm a Tailwind convert but good to try these things. Also has pipeline checks.



DJ Mix Of The Week - my first attempt at a headless WordPress blog from 2021. I have a few blogs and just used to use WordPress and a bit of custom PHP, but really wanted a way to use React, so I could practice for the upcoming new tech stack at M&S. So using Frontity (before I realised about NextJS) was an ideal route. Looks good too, I think?!